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We are Passionate about Dance and Teaching

DanciNow was founded by a group of experienced dance tutors who saw a need for high-quality dance education that was accessible to everyone. Since then, we have grown to become one of the most respected dance tutor services in the industry.

We have a team of expert tutors who are not only highly skilled and experienced in their respective dance styles, but also passionate about teaching and inspiring others to learn.

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"The tutors are not only incredibly talented and knowledgeable, but also patient, supportive, and inspiring. I never thought I could improve so much in such a short amount of time, but thanks to the amazing guidance of my tutor"

Sarah Smith


“I have always been passionate about dance, but I struggled to find a tutor who could truly understand my unique goals and challenges. That is, until I found DanciNow. My tutor takes a personalized approach to teaching, tailoring each lesson to my specific needs”

Emily Johnson


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We are Passionate about Dance & Teaching